Day 4 Wildlife Challenge

Day 4 Wilderness Challenge

The day was cold and snowing hard, several small birds had come to the feeders and a group of Morning Doves had settled into a small tree. It continued to snow and I noticed the Doves puffing up and hungering down against the wind and snow.

This is my impression of one of these doves, I edited the background and feathers.


Morning Dove in the Snow

Mud Camera the rest of the story

Yesterday, I was out for a walk and slipped and fell in a mud hole, my camera the Olympus em-5 and 40-150 f:2.8 lenses was pretty much covered with stinking mud.
I have used Olympus cameras since my first e-10 and always found them dependable and able to take weather condition other brands could not. The em-5 and the lenses are advertised as waterproof and I have seen them submerged in water.
Trusting my equipment, I put the muddy mess in the sink and washed the mud off, it took a bit to get all the nooks and crannys clean. I dried them  off and set the rig in the sun to dry out.
Both the camera and lens work fine, the only difficult spot was the retractable hood because it has loots of rings inside it to trap mud. I just have to soak it for a bit.
Today, I got this shot of a beautiful Cardinal with my shiny clean Olympus Em-5 mark 2 and 40-150 f:2.8 lens

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Day 3 Wildlife Challenge

I don’t normally photograph flying birds but when I do it can get interesting


I am out of here

This heron was standing in shallow water with about 50 geese around it, I had the camera on a tripod and was taking pictures of flowers on the shore. The heron let out a loud squawk and started to take off, I swung to follow and got one shot , there was a large willow blocking my swing.

So here is one of my few birds flying images

Wildlife Challenge Day 2

On day 2 I choose a fly on a flower because my first love is macro, capturing a sharp image, getting detail you  will not see and showing the beauty we rush by. My motto “Get Low Move Slow” and I love the challenges both technical  and creative.

I did not use any special equipment for this shot, an Olympus E-M5 and the kit 12-50 mm  F 3.5-6.3 lens @43 mm. 1/125 sec. f/11; ISO 1000. Using a tripod and natural light.

I do a lot of focus stacking compositions, so some of my shoots are more interpretative nature than others. In this shot I did 5 images and processed them in Zerene Stacker, minor color edit with On1 photo Suite 9


Looking for Lunch

I would be interested to hear your opinion for focal stacking in the processing of nature images.

Till Tomorrow. “Spend and Hour with a Flower”

Wildlife Challenge Day 1

I have been invited by Bernie Solylmar to participate in a 7 day Wildlife Challenge in Facebook. Thank you Bernie for the invitation but I am not much of a”wildlife” photographer, my subjects roam the flowers, trees and plants of my backyard or fly into the trees outside my den. I guess that is wildlife so here is my day one image.


Lift off! during the winter I get a large flock of mallard ducks hanging around on the river and visiting the bird feeder. Sometimes it is not the most orderly departure.